Bio: In the 1970’s, Guy attended Community College in New York State for an Associates Applied Science degree, after which he worked for the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. In the early 1980’s, he attended night courses for Labor and Industrial Relations at Cornell Extension University in Long Island, New York, while he worked as an Organizer, Assistant Director, and then Director of Organizing for the Nursing Home & Hospital Employees Union (District Council 1115) Hotel Employees & Restaurant Employees AFL-CIO.
In 2004 he attended negotiating and contract writing courses at the National Labor College (George Meany Center). Guy came to work as the National Director of Organizing for the National Federation of Public and Private Employees (NFOPAPE) in September 2000. In 2006 the membership voted Guy in as President of the Private Division and also became a National Vice President as a result of that membership vote.

Accomplishments: Guy organized approximately 10,000 workers in a ten year period for Nursing Homes and Hospital Employees Union District Council 1115, AFL-CIO of New York and New Jersey. Guy kept a 75 percent winning average at National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) elections and was able to negotiate contracts in 99 percent of the elections units won. While working at the Federation as National Director of Organizing, Guy organized and supervised several Union elections within the Public and Private Sectors. The elections totaled a combined 91 percent win rate. Contracts have been negotiated in all organized units won.
“What I would like to accomplish in the long term is to grow the Private Sector three fold from its 2000 year size level and the Public Sector increase its membership by
1500 members within the long term.”


Qualifications: Guy has been active in the Labor movement for over 25 years. He was influenced to join the labor movement due to a desire to educate workers on how organized labor can improve workers’ lives by giving them a voice and protecting their rights in the workplace, something that is taken for granted by too many American workers today.

Guy started out as an Organizer and moved up through the ranks to Assistant Director and Director of Organizing. As Assistant and Director of Organizing at District Council 1115, he supervised seven to twelve organizers in the 10 year period of active organizing.

“The qualifications I have for my position is what I have learned, experienced and accomplished through my years in the labor movement and life in general, with a belief of holding true to the philosophy of teamwork, solidarity, union brothers and sisters uniting for one common cause as the betterment and enrichment of working families’ voices, rights and lives.”

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