Interested in getting a real voice in your workplace?
If you are, then the National Federation of Public and Private Employees can help you and your co-workers build the majority support that you will need to organize your union.
Getting union representation is the best way to gain the working conditions that you and your co-workers deserve. With a union, you have the legal right to bargain over your pay, benefits, employment security, health and safety, and retirement, etc. A union also gives you the ability to negotiate over company policies that affect promotions, job bidding, layoffs, and many other aspects of your job.
Having a union and the right to bargain collectively with your employer is not some old-fashioned idea. Top executives of every major corporation negotiate their own compensation, retirement and severance packages with the companies for which they work.
Through the Federation, you and your co-workers will have the same member rights
and ability to improve your working conditions.

We’ll help you create your organization!
Experience tells us that it’s best when workers organize themselves if they are to create a viable union that truly represents their interests. The Federation will provide you and your co-workers with the support and guidance that you will need to build your own effective workplace organization. Talk with your co-workers and identify your key workplace issues. Then call the Federation. We will set up a meeting with you and your co-workers.

Contact us
Send us an email and a Federation Organizer will contact you. You may also leave us a message on our toll-free voice mail number, 1-800-872-8488. Most employers try to talk workers out of organizing. Why? Because employers know that, with a union, workers gain the power to make themselves heard. And employers must listen. That’s exactly what having a union is all about – having the power to stand up for ourselves, our families and our future. It’s about having a strong, collective voice and being able to stand up to our employer to gain decent working conditions, pay, benefits and dignity and respect on the job. In fact, the only way to gain a voice on the job and obtain real, positive changes in the workplace is to get it in writing; in a legally binding Federation contract. It makes sense.

When we stand alone, we are powerless. Our employer has the upper hand and calls all the shots. However, if we stand together, we gain the ability to demand a fair deal. The Federation believes that talk is cheap and that false company “promises” can’t protect our families. We understand that the only way working people can truly protect their jobs and their families is by standing together and negotiating a legally binding union contract. Have you had enough of broken promises? Tired of lousy pay and working conditions? Do you want a little respect on the job and security for your family? Then check out the Federation and what it has to offer. You’ll be glad you did.

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